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UIS is a system for Online stores, Gaming and the Media companies that enables them to reward their engaged users for different activities on their platform.

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Smart Engine for Content & Products Distribution

In the age of horizontal content distribution, the consumers are the best content spread vehicle.  Spreado is the first UIS (Users Incentive System) for Publishers, Online Stores , Gaming and Media companies that enables them to reward engaged users for different activities like watch, upgrade, share, like, register, and invite friends etc. Engaged users can earn Goldies, partner’s internal coins that can be converted to special offers or discounts or can be converted to a proprietary Crypto Token as a reward utility, Spreado provides its publishing partners with the needed Crypto tokens.

Reap the Benefits
Boost Your Content
Convert Visitors into
Engaged Users
Improve First-party
Data Insights
Increase Site
Subscriber Relations
Improve Your
Time-on-site Metrics
Increase Your

Navigating the Content Revolution 

With AI’s disruption in content creation, distribution of it has become more challenging. Traditionally content creation was at the top of the content hierarchy, but in the modern hierarchy, distribution takes the crown. Spreado is addressing this change by stimulating content consumption with UIS ( Users Incentive System).

How It Works

Step-by-step guide on how Spreado works and how is it going to amplify your content distribution and engagement.



Partners use Spreado Plug-In or integrate
our API to their platform



Users are invited to earn Goldies
for being engaged.



Content consumers register with publishers
and get a wallet account.



Users get rewarded for registering, liking, commenting, and sharing content. 

Custom Dashboards with Intelligent Insights

Content owners and publishers get customized branded dashboards with all relevant user information, consumption matrix and other important insights.

New Users

Top Engaged

Top Trending

Heavy & Light
Users Lists

Earned Goldies by
Engagement Events

Goldies Delivery
by Dates

Consume, Engage, Earn

Engaged users can earn Goldies, our publishing partner’s internal coins that can be converted to special offers or discount or can be convert to a proprietary Crypto Token GLDY as a reward utility.

Spreado provides its partners with our proprietary Crypto tokens which is a digital asset used for blockchain-based transactions. The value of the GLDY is market-driven, new users and transaction volume influence its growth. GLDYs are both tradable and exchangeable.

Empowering Content Creators and E-commerce from all Industries

United by the desire to transform engagement into growth, Spreado's client base spans industries, like news, fitness, lifestyle, education, entertainment and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be using Spreado?

Spreado is a content spread engine designed for content creators and publishers of all industries. It is a tool for anyone who believes that the horizontal spread of content is the best content marketing tool. Anyone who would like to have more registered users and a community of engaged audience who also promote their content can and should integrate Spreado.

What is GLDY?

Engaged users can earn points or coins that can be converted to discount or any other benefits. According to partner’s preference. It can also be converted to our proprietary Crypto Token. GLDY that is a digital representation or asset used for blockchain-based transactions. GLDY is both tradable and exchangeable and will gain significant value on the fly.

Why Spreado is the next big thing for content owners and publishers?

Artificial Intelligence has changed the content Hierarchy. AI content creation capability brings extreme content inflation and significant challenge for creators in distributing their content. Content in itself is no longer the king, after all, most of it will be produced by machines. Content distribution is the new king and has become the most important element of the value chain. Spreado engine enables publishers to widespread their content through people-to-people spread.